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2013 + 2023

Print, mixed technique, variants

á 101 x 69 cm

Kunstverket Gallery, Oslo

Istvan Virag/KUNSTDOK

About the Exhibition Woodscapes

The starting point for the graphic series Woodscapes is my experience of the forest as something rich, vibrant and mythical, but also frightening and vulnerable. Nature allows for a sense of both belonging and alienation. There is an enormous power in feeling insignificant out in nature.


After several years of immersion in barren Arctic ice landscapes, in this series she explores the tensions and variations that can arise through the use of colour - in interaction or contrast with other colours.


In Woodscapes most of the works are made with the same printing plate/mastrix. Displacements and mirroring of the motif, together with different inverting, provide new content and create great variations. Every print is different.

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