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2000 - 2003

Photopolymer, imageon, stencil

48 x 64 cm

Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca, Mexico

Galleri Brandstrup, Stavanger

Galleri 27, Oslo

Peder Balke-senteret, Kapp

Galleri Osebro, Porsgrunn

Lillehammer Kunstforening

Echo is a series of prints made during the period 1999-2003. Photographs from family albums form the basis of this series; snapshots taken on camping holidays, skiing trips, Christmas celebrations and national holidays – situations that are well known for many.


The photographs are manipulated digitally, isolating particular figures and details. These are then transferred to printing plates. New scenes, situations and contexts are created, by adding, removing or changing around the figures. Shadows and colours are added with varying intensity. The figures are placed in almost monochromatic visual surroundings. By working in this way, the photographs are displaced from their original social context – they become images of memories that might belong to anyone. The “staged” scenes may appear to be harmonious or disharmonious – each viewer will interpret the images in his/her own way..

The printing plates are prepared using digitally manipulated photographs which are transferred to light-sensitive film (photographic polymer) before being exposed to UV light. The areas that have been exposed to the light will harden, whilst those remaining are etched/washed away with soap. The photographic polymer film is laminated to copper plates and these are printed as intaglio prints. The images are built up layer for layer during the printing process, so that they have a collage-like appearance. In addition to the polymer plates, dry-point tools, templates and plates that have previously been etched, were used. This combination of new working methods and traditional techniques adds a poetic, yet realistic dimension to the final images.


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