2004 - 2007

Carborundum, Drypoint, Stencil

From 61 x 63 cm to 118 x 398 cm

Galleri Norske Grafikere, Oslo

Gallery of the Icelandic Printmakers, Reykjavik, Iceland

33 IGC, International Geological Congress, Lillestrøm

80° - International Astrobiological Conference, Leeds, UK

80°, Galleri Sverdrup, Universitetet i Oslo

"The Norwegian Graphic Artists" Galleri Atenum, Warsaw, Poland

With Geologists at Svalbard

The research centre PGP (Physics of Geological Processes) ved Universitet i Oslo invited me to join the research expedition AMASE (Artic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition) in 2003 and 2004. During the expedition I followed the work of both biologist and geologist in the field. The visual material har, up until now, been directly related to specific geographical areas on Spitsbergen – areas that have been under scrutiny by the expedition AMASE.


The series of print entitled GEOPRINT is based upon forms and patterns that become apparent on a micro and micro scale. As well as observing the work that was carried out, making drawings and photographic records during the fieldwork period, I was able to make use of a digital microscope. The visual material along with the researcher's photographic images of stone scrapings, form the basis of several of the images in the series. The colours in some of the images have been chosen because they represent visually the experience of nature and culture on Svalbard.

All Rights Reserved © Ellen Karin Mæhlum / BONO

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