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About PGP and Geoprint

Bjørn Jamtveit

Physics of Geological Processes (PGP) is a Norwegian ‘Center of Excellence’ hosted by the University of Oslo. The Norwegian Research Council selected it in 2002. PGP is a cross-disciplinary research centre, currently employing about 60 geologists, physicists, and applied mathematicians from 15 nations. Its mission is to obtain a fundamental and quantitative understanding of the complex patterns and processes of the Earth through integrated field, experimental, theoretical, and computer simulation studies.

PGP is particularly interested in natural pattern-forming processes. To communicate the relevance of such studies to society in a broad sense, as well as our enthusiasm and understanding of geological patterns, PGP has engaged in a long-term collaboration with Norwegian artists.

This exhibition displays examples of art resulting from 4 years of collaboration between PGP and the Norwegian artist Ellen Karin Mæhlum. Mæhlum has participated in several field investigations arranged by PGP, including work in Svalbard and South Africa. She has also studied rock thin sections and followed some of PGP’s experimental research activities. Graphical prints inspired by the patterns of the Earth were the basis for the series ‘Geoprints’. 

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